We are the leading manufacturer of quality cornstarch and related products for the country’s food and feed manufacturers.

– We stand by our commitments.

To satisfy our customer’s need and expectations;
To develop in our people a passion for continuous improvement, quality, excellence and teamwork; and
To create added value for our stakeholders.


• We believe in EXCELLENCE – in striving to achieve the best performance in all aspects of our work.
• We believe in ACCOUNTABILITY – in honoring our obligations, expectations, and requirements; in having the willingness to take responsibility for our actions and owning up for our mistakes.
• We believe in TEAMWORK – in being united and having a spirit of cooperative relationship.
• We believe in HONESTY – in being truthful in our work, and in accepting one’s mistakes and responsibilities
• We believe in CUSTOMER-FOCUS – in understanding the needs and requirements of our customers, and ensuring that these are met to their satisfaction.
• We value RESPECT – respect for the people, law and the environment.

A bit of history


Elbasani citizens have been and are regular consumers of corn bread.

This is a result of traditional cuisine of Elbasani dishes which (different trays) are better enjoyed with corn bread than with other types of bread.

In these market conditions, when a factory for the production of corn flour was missing a study was done to understand which would be a suitable place to set up this factory. Looking at different areas around Elbasan, together with the tradition of the cooking and the number of residents, we decided that to build the factory in the Kuqan village, 5 km from the city of Elbasan. This setting was symbolic because long ago there was a grinding mill with water but it had not been working for a long time.


Our history has begun its journey in 1997, a difficult year for Albanian citizens and even more difficult for a private enterprise.

Then our main activity was to come to the aid of all the villagers for grinding corn and wheat.

Over the years, Dieta Ltd, has undergone to significant changes as by organizational, technological, strategic and market-mind.

Today, we are proud to have managed to be number 1 in the supply of corn flour in Albania, and owning a substantial portion of the current market.

This is thanks to the hard work, dedication, passion and clear goals that we have set for ourselves since our beginnings.


As a result of all investments in modern technology and professional human resource, we were able to launch these products on the market:

  • Corn flour for bread
  • Corn flour for cakes
  • granulated flour for chips
  • Some species for livestock
  • Flour for polenta
  • Traditional Flour for the area South of Albania called Harap
  • Flour for traditional dessert called Ballokume Elbasan.


Dieta Ltd, with a production capacity of 50t / 24h started export for some time and is aiming for new markets in Europe.


Our company has an organization chart regular and more rigorous.

Administrator of the company is Klajdi Shopi, who graduated in the language arts teacher and for Economics and Business.


Recently, Klajdi has prepared and published the book “Why and how should we use corn flour?”

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